Systems for People

Information technology for the social world

Participatory web development

  • Engage participants on their terms, using open and accessible development throughout the development cycle
  • Brainstorm, then determine what isn't important, should be handled by third parties or transitioned, using agile development methods
  • Design first, by comparing to existing work and using rapid prototypes
  • Use the best technology available with the appropriate balance of freedom and flexibility
  • Use flexible high level solutions where available, for the benefits of upgrades and security
  • If custom development is required, use existing, well documented, fine grained components
  • Focus on reusable content and components

Systems for People in particular has a focus on Semantic Mediawiki for many aspects of projects. Building on functionality, content, and cultural cues, supported by optimized usability, and combined with the flexibility and precision of semantic data, it provides a ready basis for many types of connected projects. Systems for People focuses on "findable" content, and developing knowledgeable private and public communities of content curators.