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Expert Roundtable on "The Dialogue on Foreign Policy"
The Prosperity Pillar

Business and Trade Issues

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), Mississauga,
March 31, 2003


Dr. Jayson Myers, Senior Vice President and Senior Economist CME (Opening Comments) modem RM WM MOV
Mr. Ron MacIntosh, Director, Policy Coordination Division, DFAIT


Treena Adhikari, Manager, International Trade and Development, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters.
Dalton Albrecht, Partner, Fraser Milner Casgrain.
John Bailie, Director, Public Affairs, Kodak Canada Inc.
Suman Bhattacharyya, Chief Rapporteur, Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development (DFAIT).
Ali Borhani, President, Noramid Corporation.
Ruth Casals, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters.
Jim Chester, Vice-President and General Manager, DevPar Financial & Consulting Limited.
Paul Clipsham, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters.
Jim Danylyk, Sales Associate, World Warehouse & Dist., Inc.
Ronnelle Dinsmore, Director, South Africa, CABSA.
Mark Elliott, President, Eomac Ltd.
Silvia Fernandez-Marcote, Trade Officer, Spain, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters.
Gloria Finnigan, Project Coordinator, CABSA.
Ruth Fothergill, V.P Corporate Outreach, Export Development Canada.
Diane Girard, President, Global Links Network.
Peter Goodwin, Vice President, Canadian Bearings Ltd.
Susan Goyer, Regional Manager, National Bank.
Monica Gruder-Drake, President, MG Drake Consulting.
Lawrence Herman, Associate Counsel, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP.
Al Hinton, Area Director, Middle East, Ontario Exports Inc.
Ben Hume, President, Humble Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Liss Jeffrey, Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development.
Sundeep Khosla, President, Sundeep Khosla & Associates
Nola Kianza, Project Manager, CABSA.
Sol Kimsa, Business Development Advisor, CIBDO.
Rolf Kindbom, Director, Hochtief Canada Inc. (Aecon Group).
Henry Knight, President, DevPar Financial Consulting Limited.
Bihram Lamba, Chairman and Managing Director, Tormacon Limited.
Monina Lim-Serrano, President - CEO, Ethniga.
Dave McGuire, President, McGuire Trade Management.
Amir Navabi, A's & B Engineering.
Nazmi Nazmi, President, CPS Canadian Petroleum Services Inc.
Sangita Patel, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters.
Jamshid Rahmanian, President and CEO, Technocana Inc.
Kam Rathers, President, Rathers and Associates.
Doreen Ruso, President, Doreen Ruso Consulting, division of Walrus Medical Inc.
Dan Shekhar, V.P Business Development, Dalasoft Global Solutions Inc.
Cyndee Todgham Cherniak, Counsel, Goodmans LLP.
Deborah Turnbull, Vice President, International Trade and Development, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters.
Karl Urban, CANDEX Inc.
Jean-François Vinet, Vice President, Tecsult.
Al Workman, Vice President, Watts Griffis and McQuat.

Business and Trade Issues (linked to the Prosperity Pillar):

Comments from Guests: modem RM WM MOV

Expert interviews Deborah Turnbull, Vice President, International Trade & Development, CME modem RM WM MOV
Jean-François Vinet, Vice President Tecsult, Montreal modem RM WM MOV

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