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Summary Report

Minister Graham's Townhall Meeting

Montréal (Gesu Hall), Friday, February 14, 2003

Anne Leahy, Director of the Institut d'Etudes International de Montréal, opened the meeting by welcoming Minister Graham and introducing the moderator (Marc Larendeau, journalist, Société Radio Canada).

The moderator introduced the Minister and the three panellists:


There were a total of 42 interventions during the three sessions. Participants included representatives from the Canadian Peace Alliance, Oxfam Québec, Association du Québec des organisations de la coopération Internationale (AQOCI), Parti Québecois, Développement et Paix, Droits et Démocratie (Rights and Democracy), Women's Commission of the Liberal Party, Québec; Coalition Paix Juste; and Centre Canadien d'études et de coopération internationale (CECI).

Session on Security

Lead presentation by Michel Fortmann:
Fortmann pointed to Canada being an easy target for the media. He remarked that Canada lost its leadership role in peacekeeping and outlined areas in which Canada is well-positioned to take initiatives, including:

Summary of Participants' Comments and Advice:

Summary of Security Comments Made During the Two Other Sessions:

Session on Prosperity

Lead presentation by Pierre Fortin:

Summary of Participants' Comments and Advice:

Session on Values and Culture

Lead presentation by Iris Almeida:
Four challenges for foreign policy were identified:

Recommendations for action:

Summary of Participants' Comments and Advice:

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