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Question 5: Security

How does the military best serve Canada’s foreign policy objectives: though national and continental defence; combat missions in support of international coalitions; peacekeeping; all of the above?



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Date: 2003-05-01 18:50:23
We should not be following the US in their propagantic way of finding the devil. Many of the responses of politicians of late regurgitate the same pat answers that the Americans have created. Some of the newer and misleading phrases that have entered our lexicon our weapons of mass destruction and homeland security and others. a better descriptor would be indiscriminate killing weapons and a larger category of weapons included - nuclear, biological, chemical, anti-personnel mine, and cluster bombs. The Canadian military has the repository of knowledge to combat each of these weapons which is also the support of Canada's foreign policy. Yet Canada cannot do this alone, therefore the support of others is needed.

The US is going down a slippery slope with their concept of a missile defense system. This is against everything that Canadians hold dear - especially the peaceful use of space for all mankind now and for the future. To strengthen are ability to defend Canada's borders we do need the capabilities in the military to detect any kind of possible problem which is now in NORAD but we should concentrate solely on Canada and not continental. If we do something outside that of solely Canada it should be in a strong NATO organization.

We do have a glorious history in peacekeeping, but there are problems with the system. Therefore the system needs to be changed with the possibilities that Canada will go into an area to be peace makers. This should be done at all possibilities multilaterally with advanced and unadvanced militaries.
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