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Question 4: Security

In promoting the security of Canadians, where should our priorities lie? Should Canada give a higher priority to military combat operations? To sectors such as intelligence gathering and analysis? Or should we focus on broader security measures, such as combatting environmental degradation and the spread of infectious disease? What should be our distinctive role in promoting global security?



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Date: 2003-05-01 19:25:59
In promoting the security of Canadians, the Canadian Government must not simply adopt the measures taken by the US Gov't ostensibly to protect its own security. Actions taken by the US ostensibly for security are often horrifically immoral, and either unnecessary or counter-productive for security purposes. For example, in supporting such policies as the UN economic sanctions against Iraq (a policy driven by US interests), Canada has supported a policy that has killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children (according to UN humanitarian sources), and may have greatly increased Western insecurity (consider that in one of his post Sept. 11th videos, Osama bin Laden cited the deaths of children under sanctions as one of his grievances against the West).

In promoting global security, Canada should promote, in a fair and consistent matter, just and peaceful resolutions to all conflicts, including those launched or supported by our biggest trading partner. Obviously, Canada should stop participating in unjust attacks, such as the US-led attacks on Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and Iraq, and stop supporting unjust attacks through selling military equipment to other countries.

--Kevin Shultz, London, Ont.
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