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Question 6: Security

Should Canada do more to address conditions giving rise to conflict and insecurity beyond our borders? If so, where?



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Date: 2003-05-01 21:58:26
It is understandable that many Canadians feel that we should make health care a priority over everything, including military operations since it benefits Canadian citizens directly. However, our interests, and the interests of future Canadians cannot solely be measured by how comfortable our home lives are. Canada has to look beyond its own borders. We have a greater responsibility as members of humanity to try to make the lives of our fellow humans better. Even if this were not true, Canada has to have a strong international presence because in a globally connected world what affects other nations ultimately affects us. The poverty suffered by peoples in the Middle East and other regions has been the catalyst for the terrorist threat we face today. The poverty of many African and the Middle Eastern countries has made them timebombs. We need to be there for the people of those nations especially.

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