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Question 5: Security

How does the military best serve Canada’s foreign policy objectives: though national and continental defence; combat missions in support of international coalitions; peacekeeping; all of the above?



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Date: 2003-05-01 22:05:38
A policy of developing bigger and better weapons, missile defence systems, and more submarines will do little or nothing to protect anybody against terrorist attacks. Canada should not engage in any such program, whether it
is home-based or U.S.-based.

Nuclear weapons also continue to threaten our existence. Thousands of nuclear missiles in the U.S. and Russia remain poised to rain down a nuclear winter. Canada's exports of uranium and CANDU reactors will implicate us if any such catastrophe occurs. These industries and their exports should be phased out as quickly as possible.

Canada should distance itself from any country or international organization that accepts a policy of pre-emptive war. Such a policy is against international law. On the contrary, we are proud of Canada's support for and involvement in the United Nations; we need to continue to
support it, and promote more democratic multi-national decision-making.
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