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Question 7: Prosperity

How should Canada take advantage of its location in North America to increase prosperity while promoting our distinctive identity?



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Date: 2003-05-01 22:09:36
There is already more economic prosperity in the world than can be sustained over the not-so-distant future (perhaps 30 years) by the earth's resources. While that statement will not be accepted by many people, there is overwhelming evidence to support it. The problem is not how to create
more prosperity, but how to reduce consumption, and distribute prosperity more evenly (not necessarily equally) among people everywhere. While such a policy, at the moment, may appear impossible, there are steps which could
move us toward it:

Taxes can be used to restrain actions that are undesirable and promote policies we want.

A "Tobin tax" would put a damper on international financial speculation that creates only virtual wealth, and at the same time it could raise funding needed for world health and governance infra-structures. We support

A carbon tax would restrain the use of fossil fuels and help us meet our commitments made under the Kyoto protocol. We support it.

Other tax reforms are needed, but these are probably the most important to Foreign Policy.
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