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Question 12: Values and Culture

What are the best means for Canada to make its culture and experience known abroad?



Excerpt Contributor Date
There are actually two sides to the question, "What are the best means for Canada to make its culture and experience known abroad?" The other side is, how can we best learn about other cultures and experiences as well? There needs to be an exchange, not just a blind promotion of Canadian cul 1876 2003-05-01 12:26:03
Continue to present a moderate view in international meetings. It's extraordinary how much hate and disdain the US has generated . Anything to show we are different from the US!!! 1878 2003-05-01 12:07:49
Be more understanding of others and others will naturaly want to know of our country as we will benifit nmore than our selves. I would like to see a more unbiased in depth look in others cultures and languages and have it more readily available to the public to increase awareness. 1874 2003-05-01 10:26:26
Canada should present itself as a global think tank where world leaders, citizens and workers could meet to faciliate understanding and find solutions that work for all the world, not just the developed nations.

This would allow Canada to act as a world host outside of the political arena of the
1873 2003-05-01 10:26:10
Individual Canadians are the best means of making Canada's culture of tolerance known aboard. Exchanges and programmes designed to bring individuals in contact with the international community are needed. Those ignored and neglected regions must receive a high priority as must the regions suscep 1870 2003-05-01 07:29:17
In order to promote our culture, we must be clear about who we are and what we stand for. The hallmarks of our Canadian presence on this continent, that is, peace, order and good government, and concern for those in our society less fortunate must continue to be strengthened and promoted.

wdc 2003-05-01 07:28:58
Take the control of the media out of the hands of private business. In this way will the power to manipulate the general public be minimized. Plutocracy(the rule of the wealthy) may then truly become Democracy. As long as the general public is being misinformed regularly, the selfishness and greed 1858 2003-05-01 05:02:17
By example
By having exchange students, fostering exchange of professional personnel, farmers, etc.
1867 2003-05-01 05:02:05
Current policy seems to be working fine. One issue to watch out for is the reverse problem (I think Christopher Sands calls it the "eavesdropping" problem): partisan disputes and arguments within Canada will be heard in the US and elsewhere, potentially leading to unwanted friction. The & russilwvong 2003-05-01 05:01:53
As per # 11, begin by helping us understand and appreciate each other. When a large grouping of Indian-Canadians and Pakistani-Canadians develop a deep understanding of and appreciation for each other, finance a tour of India and Pakistan to expand this understanding 1864 2003-05-01 05:01:41
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