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Question 3: The 1995 Policy Review and Since

Canada is a member of many international organizations, including the G8, NATO, the Commonwealth, La Francophonie, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC), the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Arctic Council. Should our participation in any of these be strengthened, or adjusted?



Excerpt Contributor Date
Canada should review its membership and participation in NATO. Conditions have shifted dramatically since NATO's inception and there is no longer a threat of attack from the Soviet Union. Further, our membership in NATO leads to an acceptance of nuclear weapons as "essential". This cont 1897 2003-05-01 15:41:45
participation in international organizations is good. Dialogue is good and should be encouraged especially when we in Canada are leading and being supportive of peaceful relationships and negotiating solutions to conflict, and participating in international police actions towards peacekeeping.

1899 2003-05-01 15:01:43
Canada should ultimately pull out of these organizations, as I do not believe that they reflect the priority of values that are important to me as a Canadian. efuchs 2003-05-01 13:56:21
In order to keep developing its Global conscience, Canada should continue to be part of a dynamic framework of partnerships of exchange, reflexion and action established throughout the World. It is important that Canada both strengthen and increase its participation in all international organizatio USC 2003-05-01 13:56:10
Involvement in multilateral organizations is essential for Canada's well-being. I would also like Canada to continue its role in reforming and strengthening the UN. Canada should also consider founding an organization of middle powers, for purposes of trade and international influence. 1876 2003-05-01 10:25:03
Canada's participation should be based on considerations of our relationship with the United States, the need for connections to global business corporations and the necessity of developing alternate conflict resolution mechanisms.
Canada should emphasize participation in those organizations i
1870 2003-05-01 07:26:36
We should immediately disengage ourselves from NATO and APEC. Membership in OAS should only be maintained if it is independent of US foreign policy. 1867 2003-05-01 04:52:13
I believe I am somewhat familiar with the workings of NATO but not of the others. I am curious why the UN is not on this list. I believe Canada should give highest priority to its membership in the UN. The other memberships are obviously not unimportant but their interests and activities should n 1864 2003-05-01 04:51:49
Our role in any of these organizations must be to befriend those politicians representing world domination agendas ... and show them by example that raising the quality of life of all world citizens is a much more rewarding and compassionate endeavor in the long run than sitting on the economic summ 1858 2003-05-01 04:51:37
In line with the 3'rd pillar of promoting our values abroad, we should emphasize participation in groups of democratic and like-minded nations, such as the G8 and NATO, and de-emphasize institutions which do not share these values. Sadly, the UN is no longer a respectable institution, when stat 1859 2003-05-01 00:35:08
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