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Question 5: Security

How does the military best serve Canada’s foreign policy objectives: though national and continental defence; combat missions in support of international coalitions; peacekeeping; all of the above?



Excerpt Contributor Date
All of the above. Peacekeeping should not be given a back seat, nor should the dangers inherent in these efforts be overlooked. However, the use of force must be balanced against the goals attained through peacekeeping efforts. We must help the weak without violating the sovereigty of other natio 1905 2003-05-01 21:03:14
The military best serves Canada's foreign policy objectives through international peacekeeping. Its role in all other areas should be considerably reduced for the following reasons:
1. National defence in Canada is an oxymoron. We have virtually no hope of defending our territory against an a
1900 2003-05-01 21:03:07
National defense is a basic function of every state. Given Canada's geographic position, and since we appear to be in no imminent danger of attack from our major trading partner, our defense dollars should be spent on training and equipping our troops for participation in peace-keeping missions 1897 2003-05-01 15:43:35
The military should be used for international policing and peackeeping. It should only be involved in a combat role if the majority of the UN general assembly endorses the need for this type of action.
1899 2003-05-01 15:43:19
If the military were actually to keep peace, I would say peacekeeping. As for the rest, I do not want to see Canada continue to follow the US' lead. I am still very upset and will not forget that ultimately Canada was involved in the war by allowing officers on exchange to remain in Iraq, and by efuchs 2003-05-01 13:57:10
We evidently support national defense, but also would advocate for support for international coalitions supported by the UN, peace keeping. USC 2003-05-01 13:56:58
The peacekeeping role is the only effective role for the Canadian military.

National defence and 'support' for international coalitions is only ever a symbolic gesture on our part. Do not take this as a criticism, I feel that we should not strive to have a large force with a focus on c
1881 2003-05-01 12:11:38
All of the above, but the most important and traditional is peacekeeping 1878 2003-05-01 11:54:34
The military needs to a well-equipped and trained combat capable force capable of participating in mid-level intensity conflicts at the formation level (Brigade level). The military must be self-sufficient with regards to equipment and support, such as transport ships/ aircraft. As well, the milta 1871 2003-05-01 10:56:24
Of course, if Canada is directly attacked by another country, our military should be ready to defend us. This scenario is extremely unlikely. The continental attacks which have occurred have been by terrorist organizations, not by other countries. This makes a military response difficult to justify. 1876 2003-05-01 10:56:12
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