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Question 7: Prosperity

How should Canada take advantage of its location in North America to increase prosperity while promoting our distinctive identity?



Excerpt Contributor Date
Canada has a distinct identity. We need Government support to ensure that it's people benefit from it, not Imperialists. European Union-soon to become Earth Union to make it legal to join requires that countries deal rapidly and faithfully with issues such as Aboriginal title and homelessness. P 1947 2003-05-02 03:07:27
We are prosperous and have a distinct identity. A large part of that identity is that we donít feel the need to promote or take advantage of it. 1941 2003-05-02 01:15:40
There is already more economic prosperity in the world than can be sustained over the not-so-distant future (perhaps 30 years) by the earth's resources. While that statement will not be accepted by many people, there is overwhelming evidence to support it. The problem is not how to create
1935 2003-05-01 22:17:04
As noted in the responses to questions 1 and 2, Canadaís foreign policy can better reflect the concerns and priorities of Canadians by explicitly acknowledging the global elimination of poverty as an attainable goal.

Canada can use its position within North America to promote fairness and equity
CCIC 2003-05-01 21:49:54
Canada enjoys a particular geopolitical advantage by being located in North America. With the US we enjoy the largest trading partnership in world. Distinctively, Canada enjoys a far greater privileged situation in the eyes of our neighbours across Latin America and Asia in particular when compared 1903 2003-05-01 21:05:31
First and foremost recognize that a sustainable economy and a growing economy may not be mutually compatible goals, and that the priority, globally, must be a sustainable economy.

Second, recognise that Canadian prosperity cannot be pursued in isolation from or in opposition to the prosperity of
1906 2003-05-01 21:05:23
As well as fostering healthy North-South trade with U.S., Mexico, the countries of Central America and the Caribbean, Canada should focus trade relation within our borders (East-West). Workers should be able to practice their professions and trades across this country without the provincially impose 1897 2003-05-01 21:05:09
by example of how our freedom and prosperity are being shared so well within Canada. There is much room for improvement here. For example we have too many children living below the poverty line. One result of that is too many children going to school hungry and not able to learn at their potential l 1899 2003-05-01 15:44:24
Canada is a unique country with vast resources and land at a time when those are lacking elsewhere. Signing the Kyoto Accord was an important first step that we support. We have to use our resources more wisely and take global leadership balancing prosperity with living within our means. USC 2003-05-01 13:57:33
Less important for a dept. of Foreign Affairs. Surely other depts. can take care of the economics 1878 2003-05-01 11:55:35
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