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Section Overview

A key element to the Foreign Policy Dialogue is the View Answers section: it allows site visitors to view the answers that your fellow citizens have agreed to make available for public viewing. This page is important and should be one that you bookmark or return to regularly.

The key components of the page are the introductory paragraphs, list of questions, hyperlinks to answers, "last post" date stamp, and "join" link at the bottom of the page. Each section is explained in greater detail below:

Introductory paragraphs
This section provides key information on what this page does, the grouping of the answers and the navigation options. Users are encouraged to refer to these two paragraphs for basis orientation and navigation information.
List of Questions
The Minister of Foreign Affairs has provided a list of 13 questions for which he would like to hear Canadians' opinions. This list is included here. Visitors to the site are not meant to use this section as a way to answer the questions, but simply view the answers provided by others.
Hyperlinks to Answers
By clicking on the hyperlinked numbers on the left-hand side of the questions, visitors will be able to see answers previous visitors gave as well as daily summaries to the individual questions. However, not all answers will be available, only those that the visitor agreed to be publicly viewable.
"Last Post" date stamp
This time stamp indicates the last date and time when a message was posted live to the site. It will change regularly.


Newcomers to the site should use this link to register. You may answer questions without registering, however only by registering will site visitors be able to contribute responses to the discussion forums; all other visitors will have strict view-only access.

Why is Viewing Answers so important?

A few things should be kept in mind when accessing this page:

At the bottom of the View Answers page, a textual link has been provided to the registration form. If you are reading these questions and want to answer them, you can do so without registering, however we encourage you to register so as to help prepare the analysis and Report to the Minister. You are encouraged to join the consultation by clicking on the "join" link and completing a simple registration form.

Help is contextual on this web site. This means that in most sections in the Foreign Policy Dialogue web site, you can find a specific help page relevant to that section's elements. Please check the Help listing on the site map for details.

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