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Section Overview

This section contains the Dialogue paper as well as the questions that the Minister is asking the public. Interested visitors can register and answer these questions from this page.

Viewing the Document

By selecting the scrolling version link, visitors can view the Dialogue Paper as one continuous document. Otherwise, it can be navigated using the hyperlinks to each section, which appear at the top left of the paper as well as at the conclusion of each section.

The Discussion Questions

Participation in answering the questions ended on May 1, 2003.
All of the questions can be viewed at once by clicking on the All Questions link found at the top of the Dialogue Paper. Otherwise, questions relevant to each sections can be viewed by scrolling to the end of that section or by clicking on the hyperlink to that section and its questions from the Contents menu found to the right of the Dialogue Paper.

Viewing the Questions

By clicking on the link below each question, participants can view all existing answers to that question without registering or logging in (excluding those from participants who have declined to make their answers public).

Frequent summaries of each question's responses are also available in the News section.

Discussing the Issues

Participation in the discussion forums ended on May 1, 2003.
By clicking on the link below each question, participants will be able to discuss the issues raised in the paper with their fellow citizens before preparing a formal response to the Minister's question.

Answering the Questions

Participation in the discussion forums ended on May 1, 2003.
By clicking on the link below each question, eligible participants will be able to respond to the Minister's questions. Registration and log in are required of all respondents. Answers can be no more than 1500 words, and each participant can answer each question no more than two times (Note: only the most recent responses considered by the minister). Moderators review all responses before posting to ensure that they abide by the Civil Rules.

Registration/ Log in

All participants must register and log in before submitting responses to this electronic consultation. After completing all required and any optional fields in the registration prompt, press Submit to create your account. If you receive a 'forum errors' message, it is likely that certain required information is in some way incomplete. Please follow the instructions and resubmit the registration until it is accepted.


Responses will not be immediately posted on the Web site. All contributions to this electronic consultation will be vetted by moderators who are members of the general public and who do not work for, speak for or in any way represent the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Moderation occurs to ensure that messages abide by the Civil Rules and that the discussion stays on topic. For advice on how to effectively contribute to this electronic consultation, please consult tips for newcomers.


Of the information you provide during registration, only your self-selected username will be visible by the public. From the menu immediately below the text box where responses are submitted, participants may decline to have their response for the Minister's consideration visible to the public. Refer to the privacy statement on this Web site for further details.

Help is contextual on this web site. This means that in most sections in the Foreign Policy Dialogue web site, you can find a specific help page relevant to that section's elements. Please check the Help listing on the site map for details.