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Conclusion: The World We Want

Thank you for participating in the Dialogue on Foreign Policy. The interactive web site is now closed. The Minister's report will appear on this web site once it is released.

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Some comments on answers... (Afghanistan attack unjustified)...

Contributor: fatmomma

Date: 2003-04-14 23:53:53

I did not believe they made the forgeries but I would hope the American intelligence knew that the documents were worthless but tried to pass them off anyway. There was also a plagiarized report that was copied from a student's 10 year old paper produced by Tony Blair.
Regarding Syria; from what I have read the people there probably need liberating more than Iraq. How does the USA have the right to decide if Syria can possess WMD? They are under no order that I am aware of not to possess any. The USA itself possesses many weapons of mass destruction. They definitely used cluster bombs which most countries are trying to ban. The USA refuses to ban landmines.
I do not like Syria or other unstable governments to possess WMD but is there any international law forbidding them of such possession. There may be; I am not aware of any. I plan on doing more checking on Syria.

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