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Thank you for participating in the Dialogue on Foreign Policy. The interactive web site is now closed. The Minister's report will appear on this web site once it is released.

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Canada, for peace, against harmful inequality

Contributor: fatmomma

Date: 2003-04-27 02:45:13

I looked up terrorism and terrorists on MSN Learning and Research. By their definition: America is not a terrorist but they do practice terrorism?
Terrorist: the deliberate creation and exploitation of fear for bringing about political change; non governmental group.
Terrorism: word used in France to describe new system of government adapted during the French Revolution; The Regime de la Terreur. The reign og terror was intended to promote democracy and popular rule by ridding the revolution of its enemies and therebu purifying it. However, the oppression and violent excesses of the government made terorism the negative word it is today.

The present American Administration to me closely follows the path of the "Reign of Terror" with the same aims.
They only escape the terrorist label as they are a government.

I do want to reassert that my disapproval is not with the American public but with the aggressiveness and failure to consider international opinion of the present USA administration. I think it is a wake up call to Canada and the world to strengthen the UN; that USA as the only super power could have devastating effects. There is always a possibility of another more aggressive and dangerous administration of the USA that could
further aggravate International relations and peaceful solutions

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Canada, for peace, against harmful inequality

Contributor: codc01

Date: 2003-04-27 16:59:37

I did not know terrorism comes from Le Regime de la Terreur! Thanks for the information, well for me, by telling me that you've convinced me of the opposite... Le Régime de la terreur was after the French Revolution - and if i recall my history correctly, if you did not think *exactly* like the the "patriots", you'd simple have your head cut off!!! So i stand by what i said, the US is not terrorist, they do restort to illegal acts, but i don`t consider that terrorism...

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