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"Canada Looks Abroad: The Atlantic Canadian Perspective"

Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS.
February 1, 2003

The Canadian Institute of International Affairs (CIIA) celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2003, is a non-governmental organization committed to providing Canadians with a non-partisan, nation-wide forum for discussion, analysis and debate of international affairs.

The 'Halifax Dialogues' Committee is a group of undergraduate students at Saint Mary's University working with Dr. Keeble on a series of forums on Canadian foreign policy development and is supported by the John Holmes Fund of the Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development (CCFPD) at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT).

  • Barbara McDougall, President, CIIA. RM WM MOV

Peace and Security

  • Geoff Gartshore, DFAIT RM WM MOV
  • Capt (N) Bruce Donaldson, Commander, HMCS Athabaskan
  • Marc Doucet, Saint Mary's University RM WM MOV
  • Alleson Kase, Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace RM WM MOV
  • Peter Walker, Former Diplomat in Residence, Acadia University. DFAIT RM WM MOV

International Law and Treaties

  • Antonio Franceschet, Acadia University RM WM MOV
  • Joyline Makani, Canadian Red Cross RM WM MOV
  • Paul Moen, Department of Justice
  • Andras Vamos-Goldman, DFAIT RM WM MOV

International Trade and Development

  • David Black, Dalhousie University RM WM MOV
  • Andrew Clark, CIDA
  • Andrew Kernohan, OXFAM Canada RM WM MOV
  • Gilbert Winham, Dalhousie University RM WM MOV

Global Environment

  • Stephen Bocking, Trent University  RM WM MOV
  • Lee-Anne Broadhead, University College of Cape Breton
  • Jennifer Graham, Ecology Action Centre RM WM MOV

Closing Remarks

  • Edna Keeble, CIIA and St. Mary's University. RM WM MOV